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After a rancher reported the behavior of slimes to scientists, the scientists decided to make a robot out of reported behavior. Robot Slime is a extremely loyal and quiet robot, whose appearence is ment to look like a slime, but with a robotic look into it.

If youre too busy, you can buy the Robot Slime for 5000 coins, who will appear in front of your house until you command it to do stuff. Robot Slime can do a lot of things, ranging to destroy certain species of robots, to automatically feeding, picking plorts and selling plorts of all selected ranches and even to automatically buying items once enough money is reached.

Rancher Risks

Unless you dont command it to destroy yourself, you dont have to worry about nothing. Another thing to worry is laziness and lack of fun- you can just command it to do everything. However, even if Robot Slime has a automatic battery charger inside it, the energy only recharges over time. That means, if Robot Slimes energy goes to 0, it will begin to walk more slowly, the damage dealt by it will be less, and it will become more vunerable to Tarrs. If you KEEP giving it orders even if energy is 0, he will also start to explode, meaning that soon he will explode and his 4 pieces will fly everywhere. However, if you bring the 4 pieces back to the shop thing, you can repair Robot Slime with full energy. Although, if a Tarr ends up eating one of the pieces, then you will NEVER have a Robot Slime again.


Robot Slime doesnt releases any plorts. The only thing that could be considered "plorts" for this thing would be the pieces that will be scattered everywhere once it explodes, and the oil that it may occasionally drop once its almost exploding, which, if ANY other slime licks it, they will turn into a Tarr. The oil is released mostly when Robot Slime is closing to explode, therefore making the chance of a Tarr eating its exploded pieces bigger.


Robot Slime look like gray Pink Slimes. However, their right eye is purely red, their left eye is a small blue circle going left and right, and they have a singular black wheel connected to them with a gray cylinder. They also have two thin, gray, blocky hands and arms.


  • You can actually buy a device that can be used to see Robot Slimes perspective and even being able to control it.
  • Robot Slimes lasers are pretty quick and destructive, making the Incinerator almost useless.
  • You can also buy a device that makes Robot Slime being able to fly, which can be usefull to check whats happening on islands.
  • Gordo Slimes are completly weak to Robot Slimes oil and lasers.


  • He is not a reference to Freddy Fazbear.