"These slimes make you eat their dust."
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Hieroglyph Slime
Roadrage Slimes are wheeled slimes. They are located mainly in Speeder Hills, along with the Indigo Quarry and Glass Desert. 

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Roadrage Slimes are the speediest slimes in the world. Well, at least on this planet. When one of it's tires pop, it repairs within 2 to 3 hours. These slimes are still, however, aware of their surroundings and try to not crash into anything or anyone.

Rancher Risks

Roadrage slimes produce dust that can damage the player if they turn. You can absorb this dust with the Dust Vacuum upgrade and throw the dust at Tarrs to temporarily blind them.


Roadrage plorts are often ground up with a little water to make amazing Car Fuel. This fuel is very eco-friendly. In fact, one canister of this fuel equals 10 canisters of average car fuel.


Roadrage Slimes are red slimes with wheels on them. These wheels are described as "Basic Tires".


  • As stated in Rancher Risks, absorb the dust to Blind Tarrs.


  • When you throw dust at Tarrs, you get the Achievement "Pocket Sand".
    • This is a direct refference to King of the Hill.
  • When a Roadrage Slime crosses over an Art Slime's trail, it

will start to spin out.


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