Template:Alt Infobox"These slimes are totally- *ring ring! ring ring!* aw, come on!"

Ring Slimes are slimes with 3 rings around them.


Diet: Meat

Favorite: Lunar Chicken


Ring Slimes are the most beautiful slime you see. Ring Slimes are usually flying. Somehow they are not feral at all, which makes it safe.

Rancher Risks

When they attack Tarr-related slimes, they attack using 3 rings. Touching a ring will bring you to them and damage you for 10 seconds, meaning you'll take 10 damage. When they lose all their rings, they sparkle and glitter, alerting you


The Plorts have about 1-100 rings, making them beautiful. Everyone uses their plorts to make Plort Rings out of them. Villains would be in danger if they took the plort. In the game, depending on how many rings are in them, they will give you 100+ newbucks.


Purple Slime with 3 rings.


  • This Slime can do hula hoop for 10 hours without losing it's rings.
  • Scientists discovered that Ring Slimes would turn Tarr into Animatarr.