The tabby of legends...
The Rift Slime is a peculiar tabby slime who may appear friendy on the outside and is genuinely nice to some ranchers, but on the inside, he is dangerous and is actually a monster. He is a boss, and to say what happens after that is a spoiler.



Anomaly Energy


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Slime Toy

Plasma Orb -the combined pleasures of a yarn ball and the fascinating light of a plasma ball.


The Rift Slime, commonly named Rift, is a unique, mysterious creature, that seems to be a strange mashup of a tabby slime, a hunter slime, a lucky slime, and a quantum slime. Even weirder, he is immune to things that kill other slimes, but can still be inconvenienced. He was created by a space anomaly, and has made the resulting hyperspace rift his home during the day. When he is not in his rift, he is both loved and feared by ranchers. Some ranchers have established a friendship and received wonderful gifts from him. But deep down, there is a monster inside who is compelling him to do terrible things...

Rancher Risks

Many ranchers have been known to disappear after meeting Rift, or are sometimes found in a possessed state later, with no memory of what happened upon recovery. Indeed, the rest of Rift's powers pale in comparison: he can shoot plasma balls, teleport, and go invisible. Even though plasma balls can do quite a bit of damage, you can explode them by shooting water. By comparison, it's incredibly easy to be taken over if Rift is on the Dark Side and you are not careful, all he has to do is touch you. Even worse, it is not easy to tell if you have been taken over. This can also happen to your slimes, as well.


Rift does not produce plorts. He instead releases anomaly energy, which varies depending on what state he is in and what anomaly energy he has consumed.


He is a white tabby slime. He has green hunter eyes and dark green pupils. He has a bell on his forehead that makes a distinctive chiming sound.

What To Do If You Get Taken Over

How To Tell If Reality Is Fake

Although not all of them are easy to spot, fake realities always have at least one "glitch in the Matrix" at a time. You can assume that you are in a dream if you notice any of the following:

  • Time stops (doesn't always happen)
  • Slimes ignore solar anomalies or other natural disasters
  • Knocking out Rift causes you to get knocked out (will wake you up)
  • You randomly get knocked out (this means that you have taken enough real damage to wake up)
  • Random "Bugged" Graphics
  • Being knocked out wakes you up in five minutes and causes you to respawn wherever you were knocked out (or in the nearest place on land if you fell in the sea)
  • Slimes respond to real-game-world events (like ruby slimes turning to new moon form when it's a full moon)

How To Get Out Of Fake Reality

Okay, so you're in a dream. Now what? Well, the only way to escape is to knock out Rift. That's easier said than done, because you need to wait until he charges a bigger-than-usual plasma ball in order to cause a big enough explosion to truly knock him out.

When A Slime Is Taken Over?

If you get taken over, you're on your own. But if someone else gets taken over, you can give them a boost. They have been taken over if:

  • They suddenly fall asleep after contact with Rift (This means that they will be taken over when they "wake up")
  • They have a straight face
  • They attack other slimes (But no one is actually eaten)
  • They attack ranchers
  • Other slimes attempt to bring them back
  • Taming bells don't work on them
  • They don't make any sound

Usually, the wild slimes will be able to help without any intervention. But if the wild slimes are having trouble, or it happens to a slime on your ranch, you can help them by doing the following things:

  • Splashing them with water
  • Feeding them
  • Allowing the other slimes to take care of it themselves (if applicable)


  • This slime is loosely based off a character in a book I am writing, with alterations based off the rift slime idea and the setting. For that reason, I had to be very careful not to write anything that would spoil the plot of the story, making further alterations.
    • The block quote, "The tabby of legends..." is a reference to the above fact.

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