Reversed mode is a mode where all colours are reversed and Rrats spawn.

Hidden in The Underworld, there is a portal which switches you into reversed mode.

You can go back into the portal again to return to normal.

Also, if you take a slime into the portal, then throw it at the reversed version of itself, it creates a Antimatter-matter explosion.

An antimatter-matter explosion, or AM-M-e is a huge explosion, 7.5 times the size of a Boom Slime's. It is caused by anything from Reversed mode touching the non-reversed version of itself, such as a a Rrat eating a Tarr or a Tarr eating a Rrat.


  • Don't really know what the point of this is, I just thought it looked cool.
  • The portal was a failed experiment done by ancient scientists. Nobody knows what the purpose was.
  • You will not find anything man-made, because the portal was built before all of that.
  • The portal contains the entire solar system, but nothing else in the universe.


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