"I can't believe it. You killed Phosphor Queen. You killed Slime Seed. You killed Apocalypse. YOU KILLED EVERYONE."Template:Infobox Slime

Revenge slime is the true boss of slime rancher, it marks the true and final ending of the game.


Revenge slime is a boss with 4 forms, the first form is his pre battle mode, it uses this form to try and tell you to go back and delete your save file and start again instead of fighting him, he looks almost like apocalypse's first form, however, the tails are on both sides and have flaming tips.

The player is then given a choice to delete the save file or to fight him, if the player chooses to delete the save file, It will become confused and say: what? you just give up like that?

If the player chooses to fight him, it will say: So you still want to kill us? I have no choice but to kill you.


Either way Revenge slime turns into his second form, and proceeds to fight you, the tables of his attacks are listed below



Revenge slime shoots 3 yasaka beads in a quick succession

Revenge slime summons rockets that lock on to you

blood of yo-kai Revenge slime assumes the form of different charming tribe yo-kai and uses their attacks
Death blossom A swirl of smoke wraps around revenge slime, the smoke then disperse to reveal Revenge slime with 2 hellfire shotguns, he proceeds to shoot all around him in a 360 degree angle
Primal Rage! Revenge slime's ultimate, Swarms of blazons storm the battle field, if the player is caught in their swarm, the blazons will severely lower the player's health to 35%

Revenge slime's appearance also changes, he gains spikes that travel down his back and also has a colour switch, he becomes grey and black with some accents of gold,

After enduring these attacks, he will charge up isamashi gouketsu, a powerful beam attack that will destroy what ever is blasted by it.

3 charging towers rise from the ground, and the player must deactivate them before isamashi gouketsu activates.

After surviving the beam attack, the player must battle the 3rd form.

The third form gains wings of plasma, a ring of orbs, dark energy crackling through it's body.

Tears stream down as they are forced to kill the player, revealing that they realised how pointless fighting the player is.

Pulse rifle Revenge slime shoots concentrated blasts of plasma, occasionally it will fire helix rockets
Biotic field Revenge slime places a biotic field, while he is in the glowing area his health goes up rapidly
Last breath Revenge slime's eye flames burn harder, increasing his defence, he then calls you a dirty brother killer, proceeding to then use death blossom, primal rage, and yasaka, but these attacks become more powerful, yasaka lowers your speed, death blossom lowers your health faster, primal rage lasts longer and lowers your health down to 20%
Burning desire All of Revenge slime's stats raise gradually, it looks like he's not stopping
In darkness The arena turns into a pitch black colour, and revenge slime tackles you, press the keys that show on the screen to avoid his attacks.

At last you face the final form, a towering slime that dwarves you, the tears are stronger now, and you need to avoid beam attacks as well as plasma turrets that come out of the ground.

The 4th form has one last trick up it's sleeve.

Armaggedon The last attack that the revenge slime uses, the whole arena falls apart as the revenge slime's grief grows greater, feral versions of every fan made slime attack you, you must wait them out before Armageddon finishes

The entire screen is covered in white, until it clears out, revealing an extremely battered revenge slime.

your given a choice to kill revenge slime and make it all end, at the cost of the good ending, or you can drop your vac-pack and hug the revenge slime


Good ending

The revenge slime sees how merciful you are, and, in return, tells them to never, ever, kill everyone, all over again, the file restarts, and you get a achievement labelled "Good ending".

Bad ending

If you choose to kill revenge slime, he accepts it as he has no point in fighting back, the file restarts, as with the good ending, but you end up being showed a replay of EVERY SINGLE BOSS SLIME THAT YOU KILLED, the player's character gets down on there knees and begins crying, a message appears on your screen saying: "Congrats, you beat the final boss, now suffer eternal grief as you watch every slime you encountered, die before your eyes" you then get the achievement labelled "Your grief has turned against you"


"... Die" [Random points in battle.]

"Oof!" [Small hit]

"OW! You little rancher!!" [Medium hit]

"SLIME BISCUITS! You broke my skull. Wait, slime's don't have skulls" [Heavy hit]

"Ughh" [Flinch}

"Someone order a slimy beat-down?" [About to use Pulse rifle]

"Death conquers all" [About to use Death Blossom]

"I SUMMON THE STORMS OF TIME AND SPACE!!!" [About to use Isamshi Gouketsu]

"Your fate is shrouded by blood lust" [Random points in battle]


  • The three charging towers that appear when Revnge Slime is charging up Isamashi Gouketsu all have a puzzle.
    • The first charging tower requires the player to use their wits to reach the button, dangling above a sea of killer slimes
    • The second charging tower requires brute force to get through.
    • The final charging tower is the hardest one yet. Players have to weave through death traps and spikes and other killer things to get to the button. During this time, Isamashi Gouketsu is about to be activated, and the tower breaks at the seams.

Secret forms

There are a handful of secret forms, but only 1 is implemented. Totally not because the owner of the page is lazy.

Cursed Form

A reference to Sasuke's infamous second stage curse mark, Cursed Form is a special secret form that is only activated when the diplomat slime intervenes and the player kills the slime.

While in cursed form, nothing can hurt the revenge slime. Fortunately for the player, Cursed Form has only 2 attacks. Unfortunately, these attacks deal heavy damage. The cursed form replaces the peaceful 1st form. After 5 minutes have passed, the fight continues as normal

  • Chidori Lament
    • Revenge charges up power, then is engulfed in black thunder. He then charges for the player and cuts the rancher's health down. A side effect from using this is temporary control inversion, making it hard to dodge the next attack
  • Vermilion Spiral
    • Same as Chidori Lament, but even more destructive. Revenge pounds the ground and takes on a red, fox like cloak. A powerful chakra ball forms on his hand, and smashes it into the rancher. This attack immediately cuts the rancher's health down to 6%


  • After beating apocalypse, there's a 10% chance that the rancher will fight revenge slime, this chance increases by 20% with every file you beat apocalypse in.
  • The replay's contents change depending on the strategy the player used to kill each slime.
  • You need to kill all the slime bosses, as well as apocalypse, in order to fight Revenge.
  • Revenge slime apparently is the hardest boss you can face in-game.
  • Revenge slime has some connection with Apocalypse, as the quote mentions him, meaning that Revenge slime had met Apocalypse at one point.
  • Though it's possible to deal damage to Revenge Slime, it won't make much of a difference. You simply have to last until he's exhausted.