"These slimes want to be treated like royalty."
The Red Velvet Slime is an inorganic slime found in Mystery mountain and it's Gordo is found on a cliff ledge in a rock shaped exactly like it which requires an explosion to break, Hmmm..... where can we get something that explodes there?

Slimepedia Entry


Slime Science Resources


Royal Jelly, Strange Diamonds

Slime Toy

Velvety Pillow-700 NB

Reduces the agitation of nearby Slimes, especially Red Velvet Slimes who love to Kick?, Bounce?, Lay?, back and relax.


Red Velvet Slimes exist at about the same level of inorganicity as the average Gold Slime, making their diets, odd, to say the least. Due to their odd outer covering, Scientists are unsure what this Slime is really made out of. However the leading theory is that they are made out of mostly 90%Water(Duh), 2.5%Carbon, and 5%Silicone, as well as another 2.5% Other metals and other universe materials such as Boron, Bismuth, etc.

Rancher Risks

For any free ranging rancher dabbling in Slime Science, these Slimes can pose a threat to your hard earned Royal Jelly, or that Strange Diamond in your treasure pile, and they attack Gold slimes, making them disappear instantly.

On another note, when hungry, these slimes will literally go on a rampage, they will literally eat through the side of a Corral to feed themselves, but most of the time, they will eat Plorts, and the more valuable ones are targeted first, and this will only satisfy hunger, but these slimes can still be largoed if they are not starving


Back on Earth, and in most settlements with enough resources, Red Velvet plorts are used as Tarnish for various suits and coats, and the insides of the Rancher Suits to cushion impacts (falling), with a pleasant side effect of fragrant odor,but oddly Enough, if grinded with an Odd Onion, these plorts taste like the Red Velvet on a cake.


Dark Red with a white stripe in the middle.


  • Tarr love eating these Slimes, and will target them first
  • DO NOT make an Extractor in Mystery Moutain, as these Slimes will gather around them, unless you want to catch them this way


  • Other Slimes prefer to gather around Red Velvet Slimes due to their attractive fragrance and suprisingly soft bodies, making finding one easy, but getting it out of the crowd, hard.
  • They are very tame Slimes and do not move very much on the Ranch


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