This is a page where you can put all of your custom Rancher's that ask for plort's and food.

Custom Rancher Traders

Billy Beaver

Billy Beaver Slime

Billy Beaver is a Beaver Slime that wears glasses and a top hat. Being a beaver slime, he mainly asks for fruits and veggies, and will give Beaver Plorts in return. There is a 5% chance of him giving 1-3 Chickadoo's, and a 1% chance of him giving 1-3 Stony Chickadoo's.



Flappi is a young rancher who dreams of flying, so she often asks for Frill Plorts to make wings and such. In return, she often gives Fruit or Honey Plorts, as some of the times when she speaks she mentions how she's, "Obsessed with the taste of honey," as well as her dream of flying.


Spooks is a ghost who often asks for the ports of scary slimes. Once you get access to the Pumpkin Patch, it will be easy to fulfill his needs.

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