"Rainbows just majestic rainbows"
Rainbow slimes form when puddle slimes are thrown in a solar room or are found rarely in moss blanket.


Slimepedia Entry 

Diet: Water


Rainbow slimes are one of the majestic slimes and a good money earner. Unlike there common counter part (puddle slime) if they touch the floor they splash into water and die immediately.

Rancher Risks

They pose no threat but die immediately if not in water.


Their plorts are used in crystal balls to make them change colour and smell nice (but taste horrible)


Large,rainbow coloured.


Keeping them in lakes near your house is the best option because they are to big in ponds with puddle slimes.


  • Little kids on earth love how the rainbow plorts taste like.( Rotten egg cheese smoothie with a pinch of salt and pepper) And do not ask me how I know the flavour. But to make them taste like Rainbows you 1. Put into the oven at 200 degrees celsius for 20 minuets. 2. Then season the plort with sugar and cinnamon. 3.Grate the plort and sprinkle in pink ice-cream. 4. Serve with strawberry banana smoothies. And you got yourself a 5-star dish.
  • Tarrs hate the taste of them so these slimes are tarr proof.
  • Rainbow slimes are also very large.