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The Rain Slime is truly a strange slime, if one spawns, its starts raining and it wont stop, the rain kills Tarrs and since the rain never stops the Tarrs will be gone forever, the regular ones at least, any type of Tarr that is not an orignal Tarr will still spawn (Example: Gold Tarrs will still spawn even if its raining). Puddle Slimes will produce plorts twice as fast. When it starts raining, you will know that one has spawned! But hurry, if you dont catch it in 5 minutes, it will despawn, it wont despawn if you have sucked it into your vacpack.

Rancher Risks:

The rain will kill any slime that has to do with fire or any slime that dies from water. You must have a water shield on any corral that contains slimes that die from water, if you dont, you will lose an entire corrals worth of slimes.


Rain plorts make crops grow faster than usual, when scientists found out that the plorts can be refined to make crops grow almost immediently made their demand soar. The refined rain plorts are expensive but pepole say "Its totally worth it" when they could actually be buying way more useful things.

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