This is a Slime Science Advanced DLC item.

Image by Wii-boyU

"Mmm... shiny..."
The Radiant Slime is a breeding-exclusive slime. They eat fruit, but favor pogofruit. They shine, much like a mirror. They relax distressed Ranchers when seen.







Radiant Slimes can only be obtained by Slime Breeding. Their plorts are valued, because they have multiple uses, and are semi-rare. Many enjoy making Radiant Tea out of them for their soothing properties. Radiant Slimes eat all fruit happily, but favor Pogofruit for its sweet-sour flavor.

Rancher Risks

Radiant slimes are mostly harmless, but some ranchers have reported seeing Radiant Slimes and falling asleep. It is recommended that they only stay in your line of sight for an hour or less.


Radiant Slimes' plorts are often used in calming medicines. They are used in the Far, far range as a placeholder for local anesthetic, and brewed in calming tea. It is highly recommended that Radiant Slime Plorts and any products containing them are consumed in moderation, unless sleep is your goal.


Radiant Slimes can be easily recaptured when they escape, as they glow in the sunlight. At night, however, they can be difficult to spot as they act like living mirrors and reflect the terrain off of them.