"On the outside, masters of disguise and thievery. On the inside.. cute and cuddly friends!"
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Raccoon Slimes are slimes that can be found in The Moss Blanket. Their favorite food is the Chromeberry.

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The Raccoon Slime eats fruit, but it will eat anything if hungry enough.


Its favorite food is the Chromeberry.


The Raccoon slime is a very mischievous slime, it will take items (especially items near you) and run off with them. It can camouflage itself, like its distant relative the Hunter Slime, but instead of changing to look like what's behind it it camouflages as another slime. When it's camouflaged the only way to tell that it's a raccoon slime is its tail. Its tail will stay there, even when it's camouflaged. they will try to hide this tail by hiding it in a bush or always facing you, so it can be very hard to find them. also, if they eat something, they will always make a raccoon plort, so they will try not to eat while camouflaged. also, they will camouflage as a rad slime to hide from Tarr.

Keep in mind that if they are holding something, they will always camouflage as a tabby Slime. They eat anything, but they are picky eaters so they will only eat fruit unless starving. They will usually wash fruit and vegetables in water before eating (It would just be weird to wash live chickens) so they can be easy to spot that way.

Once they are tamed, they will only camouflage to hide from Tarr.

Rancher Risks

There isn't any real danger from these slimes. They only steal items on the ground and in silos and food dispensers, but they may jump into corrals to take food. Also, if disguised as a honey slime, they may attract Tarr.


Raccoon plorts can be spun into a very soft thread, incidentally this is used mostly for realistic disguises.


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