Queen Buzzy is a boss version of the Buzz Slimes found in a secret area in Moss blanket only after the Grass Boss is defeated. She is Gordo-sized mix of a Buzz Slime and a Honey slime, resembling an over-sized Largo. Bombing a certain cracked wall with a Boom Slime (May happen naturally from Boom Slimes in the area) reveals a cave filled with Honey slimes and Buzz slimes with yellow walls and Mint Mangos growing in places, as well as honey naturally found in globs on the ceiling. The first room of this cave is very enlarged and, if the Grass Boss isn't defeated, filled with an overwhelming swarm of Feral Buzz-Honey slimes if you enter. If the Grass Boss is defeated, a cutscene will start when you enter, it is recommended to have a jetpack, this is a bullfight battle, and while you can't escape it's useful to have extra mobility.

Queen Buzzy will be sitting in the middle of the room sleeping, and the player moves in slowly, as if sneaking. There's a smashing sound and the player looks down to see they had stepped on a honey plort while an angry buzz fills the room. The player looks back up to see Queen Buzzy awake and off the ground now while passageways quickly get walled off.

The queen's rest was disturbed, and no one is happy about this.


When fighting, she has skills. They are listed below.

Dive Bomb

Queen Buzzy flies up high before charging at the player, sting-first. Queen Buzzy's sting will get stuck in walls if she hits them. If she hits a Honeycomb Slime wall, she will take damage from the wall toppling on her.

Honeycomb Wall

A large number of Honeycomb slimes spawn into the room, creating walls and restricting player movement. This also gives the player a way to damage Queen Buzzy. She uses this between every attack, making it slowly harder for EVERYONE in the room to dodge attacks. The walls will never be put up in the very middle of the room.

Royal Guard

4 particularly fast and hostile Honey-Buzz Largos will be shot into the room and Queen Buzzy will stay near the top of the room. These slimes can be knocked out by having them run into Honeycomb Slime walls.

Ground Pound

Rare attack, Queen Buzzy flies up and then divebombs and slams the middle of the room, knocking down all the Honeycomb slimes, waking up knocked out guards, knocking back the player, and dealing massive damage if the player was right under her. She uses this attack if the player hangs around the middle too much to avoid the walls.


When Queen Buzzy is defeated, a cutscene plays where the now quite dazed Queen Buzzy pulls herself out of a pile of confused Honeycomb slimes. She then looks scared and flies off, and many Buzz slimes will fly in and grab the Honeycomb slimes, leaving behind 4 crates. Each of these crates contain a Royal Jelly, a rare liquid food item. Queen Buzzy can now also be found somewhere in Buzzhive and can be made a companion.


Template:Alt Infobox "She's a royal pain sometimes..." If you find Queen Buzzy outside of the boss battle, she will run away from you. If you shoot a Royal Jelly into her mouth, however, she will stop and smile at the player, before flying off, giving the player the achievement 'Beekeeper'. The player will then discover that she, and quite a few Honeycomb slimes and Buzz slimes, have moved into the room that was used to fight the Grass Boss. All the Buzz slimes in this room are companion slimes and are all resource gatherers.

Slimepedia Entry

Diet: Liquids

Favourite: Royal Jelly


This is what a Buzz Slime queen looks like. Not much is known about them other than the fact that they are quite big. A large largo?

Rancher Risks

She can be a real drama queen, don't tick her off or she'll have the whole hive of Buzz Slimes after you.


Royal Plorts are, like Buzz Plorts and Honey Plorts, used as a sweetener. The plort is known for having a very refined taste, and is used whole in pitchers of tea to decorate and seep flavor into the tea, although the plort itself is quite waxy. This waxiness also makes it useful for scented candles, and it is said placing one near a bee hive will not only calm the bees, but also make them work harder.


She is Gordo-sized mix of a Buzz Slime and a Honey slime, resembling an over-sized Largo.


by ZentoZekto



  • If you die in battle, Queen Buzzy will fall back asleep, letting the player restart the fight.
  • All exits are walled off during the fight, preventing escape.
  • Defeating her results in the achievement 'NOT THE BEES!!!' and befriending her results in the achievement 'Beekeeper'
  • Queen Buzzy is treated as a normal Gordo once she moves on the ranch, and when filled she produces a few plorts instead of exploding.
  • It is implied that the swarm is not in the room when Queen Buzzy is because Queen Buzzy is a light sleeper and the buzzing of the guards would wake her up.
  • There is a glitch where Queen Buzzy may repeatedly use the Honeycomb Wall attack until the game crashes if the player manages to get out of the room during the fight. This is due to the lack of target for her other attacks.