"Quite bouncy, and heavy!"

Quake Slimes are uncommon slimes found in the Indigo Quarry. These slimes jump high into the air when irritated, and land down with incredible force, creating large cracks, flinging everything nearby into the air, and dealing moderate damage.

Info in the Slimepedia


Favorite=Shake Asparagus


Quake Slimes are quite heavy. They have a lot of dense minerals in their body, giving their landings incredible density. Veggies have the minerals required to keep their body supplied with heavy minerals. Shake Asparagus has the highest mineral content of any veggie, so they are the Quake slime's favorite.

Rancher Risks

The Quake Slime, when agitated, leap into the air, and slam into the ground with great force, creating large cracks, flinging everything nearby up into the air, and dealing 50 damage to any Rancher with the initial impact.


Quake Plorts are full of rare earth metals and minerals, making them incredibly valuable, and heavy. They are used to get rare earth minerals and metals for use in interstellar ship hulls, mining drill bits, and pickaxes.


Quaker Slimes are amber brown in color, with flecks of iridescent minerals on their skin. Brown spikes stick out of their body, ending in amber tips, like a rock slime's, but brown and amber.


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