"Wah Wah Waaaaaaaah"
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Pure Levitating Evil Aerial Super Epic Killer Invincible Lifeless Loveless Intense Triumphant Slime is the best slime EVER on the wiki and is NOOOOT edgy at all and NOOOOOOOT overpowered! This slime has a 0.666,666,666% chance of spawning instead of a pink slime!!! Many people call it by it's acronym, "PLEASEKILLIT". (Check the title, that's literally the acronym aside from the "slime".)



Innocent souls and innocent hearts! It eats them and tears them apart like RAAAOWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. ITS SUPER SCARY I PROMISE. KETCHUP EVERYWHERE.

Its favorites are demon hearts! They're squishy, moist, and he is so powerful that all the demons are scared of him!

Rancher Risks

You should be scared 120%!!!! It throws up gold slimes and can kill you when he feels like it, but it's so cool it doesn't have time for you! If you get within 666 centimeters, you will die instantly, and you can only kill it if you shoot 666 waters at it!


When he eats another soul it becomes a god!!! BUT IT WAS ALREADY ONE OH NO!!!! It becomes a SUPER MEGA DRAGON GOD, which is a TOTALLY ORIGINAL SPECIES ONLY IT HAS!!! It turns back to normal 1.2 seconds later. Out from the slime comes out a tiny plort with bunny ears. Don't mention that!


The slime is super-powerful that's completely black and has blood red eyes that glow! The slime also has razor sharp teeth (forgot in picture) that's more powerful than shark teeth back on Earth! It also has dragon feet and two spiky tails!


  • This is the BEST slime!!!
  • Just kidding that's a joke.
  • This slime is a joke on what is called a "Mary Sue"
    • This Mary Sue is classified as the "Edgy genus", more specifically "too many powers very evil"
  • This slime is the most evilest evil you wil ever see evilly being evil. It's very evil.
  • The picture is very professional.
  • Don't insult this article, you're just jealous >.>