"I'll huff and I'll puff..."
The Puff Slime is an aquatic slime that can be found in The Purewater Isles.







The Puff Slime might be compared to the Puddle Slime: Both need water to survive. However, the Puff Slime needs open water to swim around in, so a simple Pond will not do. You need to have either some higher walls and extra water, or an underwater corral, or they will dry up.

And that's not the only risk with this slime...

Rancher Risks

As stated above, Puff Slimes will dry up if they don't have enough water. Puff slimes are also very skittish. When a Puff Slime gets scared, it swallows a lot of water and blows up like a balloon, sticking out its spikes and bounces around uncontrollably. This is enough to bounce it right out of the Pond/Corral, and even if there is an air net, one bouncing will scare others, and many beating against an air net will definitely cause it to break. Its spikes also hurt a lot, and enough can knock out a careless rancher. So, one must be very careful around these slimes, as even getting accidentally hit by something out of a Vacpack will spook it.


When hit, Puff plorts will immediately soften up and inflate, which would make it great for airbags or party balloons. However, engineers have not found a way to remove the spikes and leave the plorts intact without patching up the holes with another material, making them a highly experimental material except for death trap users.


When calm, A slime with two small orange fins on the top to the side and a larger orange tail, and folded-back spines all over its body, with mostly white color but some orange on the top. When scared, it swells to the size of a largo, its spikes pop out, and its expression changes to that of a bursting gordo.

Favorite Toy


600 NB

Decreases agitation of nearby slimes, especially Puff Slimes, because when you're bouncing around, you need something to bounce towards.

  • This will stick to corral walls when shot at them, as they have a suction cup on the back.


  • Place these slimes away from very active slimes, like Boom and Crystal slimes.
  • A music box, if you put them in a corral, will reduce the chance of them getting scared.


  • They cannot get scared by each other in any way other than one of them puffing up.
  • When they eat something, they are temporarily unable to be spooked.