"It shines like a diamond! They said."


The Prismatic slime is a rare slime that appears in the Prismatic Bridge.
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This slime is a very rare slime and it appears everywhere rarely, you have to take a fruit and give it to the Prismatic slime, if you don't give it the slime will disappear. It shines a lot, that you need to wear sunglasses. Just kidding, it isn't dangerous but it could damage you if it's a Crystal Primatic largo, but the damage will be more powerful.

Rancher Risks

There aren't any Rancher Risks, but Prismatic Rock largo, Prismatic Crystal largo or any largo that does damage, the amount of damage will be...massive.


Back on Earth, these are Opal-like gems, and also very expensive. It shines so much that you could probably hurt your eyes.


These slimes have a light rainbow-like coloration.


  • If you have bad luck, the slime will probably become a Gold Slime if...nobody knows.
  • This slime can kill Tarr.


Prism slime

ok i name this prism slime because i was bored by Jojoto Pep Lol Yech

Prismatic SLime WIIBOYU

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