"These slimes seem like they are older than the universe itself.

Primordial Slimes are a species of slime, the only info on them comes from legends of a slime, happy and unhurt on one side, and sad and injured on the other. They are said to be found on new ranchers' ranches on their first day, and the amount of discoveries the rancher has made influences their demand, as more is then known about the slimes plorts. But this slime is probably just a legend. Wait. You have some?!

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Like pink slimes, primordial slimes will eat just about any food, and will also eat a special crystal called a Primopal. These crystals are a special type of opal only found in The Nameless Caves with a drill. Primordial slimes will also not eat plorts, and so cannot become largos.


A primordial slime's favorite food is a Primopal.

Slime Toy

A primordial slime's favorite toy is a Pendulum, which is a corral upgrade due to the fact that pendulums only work when they are standing up straight. The reason they like these toys is because this toy goes in a cycle forever unless reset, just like the universe.


Primordial Slimes are a strange species of slime. They strangely cannot starve to death, instead getting slightly agitated. They are very calm, and will ignore tarrs, gold tarrs, and just about every other danger, as they cannot be hurt or killed, even by incineration. When thrown at the slime sea, they will stop half way down and float back to their rancher.

Rancher Risks

These slimes are completely harmless. They cannot become or cause tars. They do not attack. They do not attack threats to the rancher, and they cannot become a Tryhard. They are extremely friendly, and almost never get more than slightly agitated. You could put these slimes in corrals with killer slimes and nothing bad would happen because of it.


Primordial slime plorts are star-shaped, instead of the normal diamond-shaped plorts of other slimes. These plorts are used as an energy source, as even though each one contains enormous amounts of energy, it is so stable that the energy can only be released slowly, a little at a time. As you find new things, new things will be discovered about this slime's plorts that will raise their demand bit by bit.


The primordial slime is dark blue with stars, a smiling mouth, an intact eye, and intact star-shaped crystals on its right side, and black with a scarred, close eye, three abyss-black claw marks, a sad mouth, black holes instead of stars, and broken star crystals, on its left. It has five star crystals, so the one on top is half intact, half broken.


  • The Primordial Slimes were created by Primordia to be her friends.
  • Primordial Slimes are NOT Primordials, as that is Primordia's original race. Primordia made herself into a primordial slime because she liked the entire slime idea.
  • A primordial slime's right side represents right after the Beginning, while its left side represents right before the End.
  • PrimordiaThePrimordial's roleplay character is Primordia.


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