"It appears to be the beginning again."
Primordia is a Primordial Slime and Primordial, and is all that was there before the first Beginning, and all that is left after every End. She will give you the choice to start over in a few different ways, or let you reset all progress (Including achievements) so that you can start anew.


Primordia looks like a normal primordial slime, except she has a star crown (gold on intact side, silver on hurt side), her hurt star crystals are silver, and her intact star crystals are gold.


She appears after the End (that's either when you die to the Apocalypse Slime, or when something that I am STILL working on happens) When the End finishes, the screen goes black, a few seconds pass, and the dialogue starts.


"Human! Rancher! Awake!"

Primordia slowly fades into view, slowly getting less and less blurry.

"I knew this would happen eventually."

"I knew that, even though you put poor, sweet, innocent little Apocalypse out of it's misery, the true End would still come."

"Poor Apocalypse was never fated to be freed..."

"At least... Not this time. Maybe next? It all depends on what choice you make."

"All those bosses you fought... Maybe you could have all been friends, I can't reveal."

"It may have happened before. I will not tell, though. That would be... Problematic."

"I wonder if this is the time? No, it isn't. It can't be. You do not have the right experiences. You can't find that out yet."

Primordia grins.

"Heheheh, it might never even happen! Heh!"

Primordia's grin fades.

"But anyways."

"I'd bet you are wondering who I am."


"I'm Primordia. I was there in the first Beginning. I have survived every End. You and I are all that is left. No ranch. No world. No universe."

Primordia's expression turns sad.

"No life."



"This is after the End. This is the void. No joy. No sorrow. Only you and me. No life. No death. Nothing but two entities talking. Not arguing. Not chatting. Not obsessing. Just, talking. You and me."

"All things eventually come to an end and are lost. You. Apocalypse. Dr. Raddie. The Tarrlossus. Even me."

Primordia smiles again.

"But with most ends... There comes a new beginning. A new start."

"Even if no one remembers what happened before."

"I'm offering you a chance."

"A chance to do it all again. Go back to where you started, so you can go a new path. I'll make sure to give you a little gift from me. Do not worry - You will remember everything."


"You could start over everything. All the accomplishments, all your achievements, all your memories. All of mine, as well. Start over from the first beginning. Forget all that you learned, and lose everyone you knew. End the cycle, to continue a bigger cycle."

Three choices will appear:

Back to Start

Start over Everything

Primordia's Beginning

If Primordia's Beginning is chosen:

Primordia looks amused.

"You wonder about my beginning, young one? I can't... quite... remember. I remember very few things about before the last Beginning. Strange, is it not? Oh well... What do you choose?

Displays other two choices.

If Back to Start is chosen either time:

Primordia looks relieved.

"You choose to go back to the start? I do not blame you - even I am terrified of losing my memories. But I give you the choice to erase them, because that is my purpose."

"Everyone has a purpose. Even if that purpose is to end the universe, they have a purpose. Do not search, though. The knowledge... isn't easy for most to comprehend."

"But enough talking - You want your new start, don't you?"

"Close your eyes."

The screen goes black. Primordia's voice gets fainter and fainter.


"Wake up."

An animation of the character waking up in the beginning of the game plays, and the Primordia credits start. After the credits, the world will start up again, with the same name and icon, except with no progress.

If Start over Everything was chosen either time

Primordia looks slightly confused.

"You chose to destroy it all?"



"Most never have the courage. Even I would be reluctant to make that choice. Trust me, I know. I've been contemplating these things for many, many cycles. Many loops of End to Beginning to End again."

Primordia smiles.

"Enough of that, time for a fresh start! I'll forget everything, so will you, and maybe everything will turn out better!"

"Close your eyes."

The screen goes black. Primordia's voice gets fainter and fainter.


"Wake up."

The alternate Primordia credits will play, and then the player will be sent to the New World screen, and there will be no way to exit without starting a new game and saving and pausing.

If Back to Start is chosen 20 times in a row

"You choose to go back to the start? I do not blame you, though you have done this many times before- I am still terrified of losing my memories. But I give you the chance to erase them, because, as I said, that is my purpose.

"Please, do not look for your purpose, rancher. You won't find it until you have fulfilled it, unless you liked your purpose, then causing you to fulfill it on purpose. If you think you found it, and then went against it, you would be- Oh, I won't confuse you. You probably think I'm crazy, rambling on like this."


Primordia smiles.

"Anyways, I think you need a little gift, to make your repeated life more interesting. She will be at your ranch waiting for you. You'll enjoy her company, I expect."

"Enough talking! You want your new start!"

"Close your eyes."

The screen goes black. Primordia's voice gets fainter and fainter.


"Wake up."

An animation of the player waking up in the beginning plays, and then the Primordia credits start. After the credits, the world will start up with the same name and icon, except with no progress.


Primordia is from a race of entities called Primordials. They once lived in a universe that existed just for them, where their will shaped the cosmos. They had no beginning, and had always existed.

Primordia had two friends, End and Beginning. Together, the three of them grew bored of their lives, and tried to change their universe. But something went wrong, and nearly destroyed End and Beginning. Primordia kept them in existence, but they were in terrible pain. Primordia, desperate, decided to create a new universe, one where the rules were different, and End and Beginning would be healed. Then the three of them could create their own world, and watch it go by, and keep starting it over to see the different ways it could end. But creating a new universe broke the laws of the first, and it caused End and Beginning to cease being entities, instead becoming something that could happen, becoming the concept of an End and a Beginning. Primordia became unable to affect the universe until the end came, so that she could restart, over and over again. This was the First Beginning.

After a while in the first cycle, she noticed something in the oceans of a planet, one of the few with liquid water. This planet was Earth, and what she noticed was life.

Later, she left Earth to investigate something she had sensed. At this point, it was about half way from the first life to the day the character starts on Day 1. She arrived at a far away planet, and found more life, just coming on land for the first time. This was the first slime.

After a while, there were more slimes, and Primordia decided to create a slime species to be friends with. She could not create ones that could affect the universe yet, but she could make a friend for herself. She created the Primordial Slime. She also shaped herself into a Primordial Slime, as she was becoming quite a fan of these slime creatures.

Billions of years later...

The character arrives on that planet, now known as the Far, Far Range. And the story begins.


  • Primordials are NOT slimes, or even slime like, as Primordia created the first Primordial Slimes.
  • Primordia's "gift" is 20 Primordial Slimes
  • Like the other primordial slimes, her intact side represents right after the beginning, and her hurt side represents right before the End.
  • Primordia is lying when she says she can't remember her past.


None added yet. (I'm still drawing her!)


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