The Predator Slime is an slime that preys on the Pink Slime.



It preys on two kinds of slimes.


As for the foods, it is the Pink Slime. It has no favorite slime toy.


The Predator Slime is a fast slime that jets around to devour it's favorite food: Pink Slimes. It will often fight with Hero Slimes, due to it's diet. It will also eat tabby slimes sometimes. Usually, it uses it's long tail to knock out it's prey.

Rancher Risks

It will attempt to get out of it's corral and eat the Pink Slimes in a corral. To prevent this, fit Pink Slimes into the Auto Feeder.


Predator slimes' plorts are used for perfumes, and also used to power Hydro Turrets.


It is a grey slime with sharp teeth and has a long tail.



  • It is the first slime on this wiki to have a diet that consists of different slimes.
  • Despite eating slimes, this slime is not a Tarr.

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