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"This little piggy got ate by a slime..."
They're the slime rancher variant of pigs, and an alternate version of Hen Hens.

Ranching Tips

Porkos can be found in all areas. They act like hen hens, but make slimes drop 2 plorts from eating it or 4 from their favourite, it also fills up 2 for Gordos and 4 if its their favourite. However it will make them full for triple the regular time, and making Gordos reject food for 30 IRL seconds. Making it rather useless when your slimes favourites are easily harvest-able.

Slimepedia Entry



Favoured By

Square Slime

On the Ranch

Porkos breed in a Sty in the ranch when left with a Bully.


See Also


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Wild Porko

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