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"Now you see me, now you don- AH, THERE'S DUST IN MY EYES!"
The Poof Slime is a slime known for popping in from existence and teleporting somewhere else quickly.

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Fruit (from trees)


Spectral Plum


Not much is known about the Poof Slime due to it frequently disappearing from our laboratories and corrals. From the limited research we have done, we have concluded they are very hard to ranch.

Rancher Risks

The Poof Slime will disappear and reappear constantly. If it wants to be a prankster, it will repeatedly tease you by appearing and disappearing near you. Each time it poofs, it leaves a cloud of dust, blocking the screen's vision for anywhere between 5 to 30 seconds.


The plorts of Poof Slime have been used for teleportation pads, transport, magic tricks, and are commonly used to turn people into ninjas.


Slightly transparent slime that's light orange with a bright blue stripe across it's face.


  • This was going to be used for a tutorial on how to make a page, but Derpagonair accidentally made a cringe compilation instead from her sucky narration.
  • Steals your stuff frequently.
  • Commonly takes car keys so people can't find them and puts the keys back when they become late for work.
  • Took that one homework assignment you spent three nights on.