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The Polar Slime is a slime which can be found in the Danger Factory and rarely in the Great Slime North.


Diet: Meat

Favorite: Frosty Chicken


Polar Slimes are the chilliest of all! Their natural hobby is rolling snowballs and playing pranks on ranchers. If a Polar Slime is near a Fire Slime for to long, they will melt into Puddle Slimes. If a slime is near it for too long, they will freeze into ice cubes.

Rancher Risks

Since he likes playing pranks, he'll roll snowballs which can slow you down! You'll need the "Snow Sucker" upgrade the handle these slimes. If you've mixed the Polar Slime with a rock plort, It'll become an killer! The snowball grows when a slime hits it, giving you a longer slow!


If you are goign to the Antartica, eskimos should probably bring this with them! It helps Polar Bears and Penguins stay frosty! And it's so cool for keeping desserts frosty! Found the pun? No?


An Ice ball


Can't think of any


Polar Slime