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"The opposite of a slime."
The Plort Slime is the rarest slime found on the ranch.





All of 'em! It makes them turn into a different plort!


Plort Slimes are exactly... well, plorts. Legend said that Hobson developed an grey plort to trap slimes in, and it worked. The slimes turned into plorts. One by one, Slimes revolted to attack the legendary rancher Hobson, but they can't find him. They wander in the ranch, looking for him, and not disappear. Gold Plort Slimes don't even disappear. They keep looking for Hobson.

Rancher Risks

The best risk? They eat slimes except their buddy plorts. Every time they eat a slime, they change plort looks depending on which slime they eat. Lets say that they eat a Boom Slime... they become a Boom Plort Slime! Unfortunately, Tarrs think it's just an original plort and leave it alone. This is a problem for your ranch if you're wanting to remove all the slimes their.


They don't produce plorts, they only change colours. But you can use it as an newbuck maker! Shoot it in the Plort Delivery System and you get the source slime's main newbuck value! Neat! The Plort Slimes are used for Plort Rings. So cool!


A Smiling plort


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