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Hieroglyph Slime
'It loves the brightness you hate'
The Plant slime is an unusual kind of slime that appears to have plant genes and consumes sunlight. The also have an unusual diet. unlike other slimes who eat meat or fruits, this slime just consumes sunlight. And they have no favourite food.

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Plant slimes Live in The Moss Blanket, or other areas rich with plants. They Love to stay at sunny places. It is virtually the opposite of a phosphor slime, since it dies if put at dark areas. Their energy is partially used to create their own light to survive the night.

Rancher Risks

Plant slimes WILL DIE if put in complete darkness for long periods of time. If Hurt, Ex: Throwing it at walls, Etc. They will attack you with its branches.


Plant slime plorts are used as Medicine, Being able to cure Many diseases. Since its Discovery of the Plant plort's Healing capabilities, Their Prices Went high and the demand Rose high.


Plant slimes are green slimes that are greener than a rad slime, They also have branches sticking out of its body. These Branches are used for self defence. At Nighttime they will emit a very bright glow to protect itself from darkness.


  • Plant slimes will IMMEDIATELY approach a grass slime on sight. They can sometimes make friends with Grass Slimes And protect them.


  • These slimes will approach phosphor Slimes if it is dark.


Plant Slime