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Hieroglyph Slime
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"Diagnosis? Tarr!"
The plague slime is a doctor, despite what his name suggests, and can be found rarely anywhere. He eats mainly meat, and favours normal porkos, but also consumes Tarr and other Tarr variants.

Slimepedia Entry


It is a trained professional in the field of medicine. It will cure any tarrs, Killer slimes, Leukslimia, anything! When it cures a tarr, it consumes it and produces a plort, and spits out the slimes and plorts used in creating it. It also won't consume the plorts of other slimes, being to intelligent for that, and, when it's own plorts are consumed by a largo, it will split the largo back into a slime and plort. They do nothing to normal slimes.

Rancher Risks

If there's a tarr outbreak, these slimes will climb out of their corrals and attempt to help.


These plorts are often quite sought after in medicine, as they seem to be almost like a 'miracle cure'. However, many don't believe that consuming the excrement of a gelatinous blob will cure them or their aliments.


It is a slime with a black hood, similar to the one of a High Conjurer, and a white plague doctor mask.


  • Always keep a few of these plorts handy, in case of a tarr outbreak.
  • These plorts are incredibly easy to farm, due to their favourite producing four plorts.


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  • Their plorts smell like both flowers... and death.
  • Their plort value has reason...