These are items that cure disease. There is a machine in the quarantine that produces them, and they are made from a fruit and a plort.

Pill Ingredients Disease Type Cured
Water Pill Puddle Plort + Carrot Poison-producing diseases
Rainbow Pill Cuberry + Mint Mango + Pogofruit + Tabby Plort Neurological diseases
Green Pill Pogofruit + Tabby Plort Body function diseases
Chloro Pill Mint Mango + Tangle Plort Tarr diseases
Red Pill Cuberry + Rad Plort Parasitic diseases


  • The Rainbow Pill takes eight days to make. Be careful to quarantine slimes with neurological diseases seperately from other sick slimes! Even better, keep a stockpile of these in the quarantine.
  • Don't worry too much about it though unless you experience a pandemic. Disease outbreaks are pretty rare, and pandemics are also rare as they often stay confined. It's the incurable diseases, like the common cold, that are most often the worst.

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