What a sucker.
The Octo Slime is an aquatic slime that can be found in The Purewater Isles.






Slime Toy

Water Heater - Reduces agitation of aquatic Slimes, especially Octo Slimes who want something they can enjoy while asleep.


Octo Slimes are a very low-energy type of Slime. Most of their time is spent asleep, floating around in their water. While they are busy dozing off, they often catch things on their suction cups. Usually it's a fish or a plant that fell into the water, but sometimes it's a slime or if a Rancher is very unlucky, well, a Rancher. They only release the item from their grasp once they wake up, or if said item manages to struggle out. Since their mouth is in a very unusual location, this is how they hunt - if they wake up with a fish, they eat it, and since they don't wake up very often, they don't eat very often, which leads to low energy.

Rancher Risks

As said before, there is a chance that Ranchers may get stuck to an Octo Slime. Since they live underwater, and their suction cups have a very tight grasp, this may lead to drowning if the rancher cannot struggle free fast enough.


Octo Plorts are covered in extremely strong suction cups, which are used in toys, bath mats, and many other things.

There have been worries about people getting stuck to them and not being able to get off, but who'd be careless enough to do that?


A red slime with a white underside. Its mouth is on its bottom, surrounded by grey suction cups. Its eyes are usually closed.


  • You shouldn't use an autofeeder for these, because they barely eat and your corral will end up getting flooded with meat.


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