"His name is Squishy, and he shall be my squishy"

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Meat, Fruit



Slime Toy

Fish Jigsaw - 700 NB

Reduces the Agitation of nearby Slimes, especially Octo Slimes who love to make use of their smarts and the feel of putting a fish back together


The slimes love to climb all over the place, the love to adventure however often brings these slimes anywhere adding more biodiversity to areas, and some have even been spotted swimming in the slime sea, aren't they just cute little explorers?

These slimes when aggresive, shoot black ink at their attacker's face, then begin to run or swim away at high speed, this ink however has an oily formula, and is used by these slimes to beat Tarr and keep away other nosy slimes & ranchers while have the pleasant side effect of being able to be synthesized through slime science, into Jelly stone or Primordy oil.

Rancher Risks

Like Tabby Slimes, these slimes have a tendency to steal items that they can or can't eat, they will also climb any surface, making it hard to keep them in a corral or even making them stop invading places, these slimes will hang from the air net as well, breaking it. They also love to camouflage and hide, making them hard to round up, except for their blinking eyes. As a last resort, as said in Slimeology, they will spray their ink. So, keep them in a pond in the grotto, for safety. As well as the added bonus of an individual being slightly smarter than BOb, making them able to use tools and allow them to cooperate as a group


Due to the berries and meat in their diet, these slime's plorts contain a high amount of vitamin A, B, C, D and Amino acids, allowing their plorts to be used as supplements, as well as being very oily to use in machinery, as well as tasting like squid


These slimes have a body that look like a spotty, mouthless, red pink slime with the mouth under the four tiny tentacles


  • Try not to make these slimes into Hunter Largos because they will ink spray you and attack you at the same time
  • If holding Clamberries, Octo slimes and their Largos will walk up to you flashing red and pink, making them easy to catch unless you are facing them
  • Don't unnecessarily hurt/provoke these slimes, as the ink lasts for five seconds and other octo simes in the area bite you five times, dealing 5 damage per bite
  • Like Quantum Slimes, they love puzzle cubes and hide and run less around them, as well as having the intelect to solve such puzzles
  • let them move on their food, as their mouths are on the bottom, but they have less success eating it if chucked at their poor faces


  • Largos combined with this slime or it's plorts are rideable if a companion and can be used as fast transport along the world, as well as swimming across the slime sea.
  • These slimes are completely amphibious, meaning that they can live on land and water indefinently and move well on both types of terrain
  • These slimes and their largos change color according to mood and environment: red with pink spots=happy and full, pure red=feedable, black=angry, Orange with black stripes=feral, flashing black and white =spooked, invisible=camouflaging
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