'Please love me.'
The Nuppe Slime can be found rarely anywhere on the map at night time, as it wonders around. It's diet consists of meat, and it's favourite is a generic Hen Hen.

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Hen Hens

Slime Toy

A Fake Friend. This odd little toy rancher distracts the loneliest of slimes, especially the Nuppe Slime.


The Nuppe Slime wanders around the range at night, looking for the rancher. They have a pungent stench, and are only looking to be loved. Avoided by other slimes due to their horrific scent, they move incredibly slowly in comparison to other slimes. Their slime, unlike other slimes who are all.... slimey, has a thicker consistency, feeling similar to clammy, unclean skin.

Rancher Risks

Although they have no desire to harm rancher in any way, and are not technically aggressive, their horrible stink is so bad it can damage the nasal passage. This is not aided by their excitement for finally finding a friend, as they leap at ranchers, will for them to give the slime attention.


These slime's plorts hold the same consistency as the slime itself does, and, after being refined and cleaned, are used for skin graphs and transplants back on earth.


This slime is a very light brownish colour, and their strange 'skin' causes their eyes and mouth to 'sag' slightly.


  • High walls are a must to prevent a corral of these slimes leaping out of their corral to give you a big, stinky hug.
  • Due to the same reason, a plort collector is advised.
  • Creating largos with this slimes doesn't make them any less dangerous, as their strange stink persists.


  • These slimes are based on the Nuppeppō from Japanese folklore.
  • Only one spawns per night, but if put in a corral they don't de-spawn.
  • They just want your looooooooooooooove.
  • Their diet of meat may be where their 'skin's' complexion comes from...