Nirvanic slime


The smallest and rarest slime ever known. There is belived to be 1-3 in existince. a golden slime with 6 wings. One set is silver, one is like glass, and one is crystal blue. It is said to have a beautiful song, and only one currently lives in the Shrona temple.

Plort appearance

Just like the slime. triwinged, and tiny, if you get your hands on one of these babies, you have an instant 2000 newbucks.




Belived to be one in the world, you cannot capture it unless it willingly comes with you.

Rancher risks

They are so rare, and if you lose it then you won't be able to capture any slimes for a while. To the slimes, it is like a god.


To give a human superpowers. wings inluded!


  • do not kill or lose one of these!
  • feed them light berries
  • these cannot be bred or merged with any other slimes

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