"I'm a ninja."
Ninja Slimes are rare slimes that can sometimes be found in The Moss Blanket, their favorite food is the Yin Yapple.

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Yin Yapple

Slime Toy

Ninja Carrot


The Ninja Slime is notoriously sneaky. They were one of the last slimes ever discovered because of how hard to find they were. The first Ninja Slime sighting occurred when Thora West left a Yin Yapple out on her kitchen counter too long. When she returned the Yin Yapple was gone. After a search of the kitchen Thora eventually found a Ninja Slime inside her cupboard as it munched away on the fruit.

Rancher Risks

Contrary to popular belief, Ninja Slimes cannot camouflage; they are merely extremely good escape artists who make little noise and leave without a trace. Ninja Slimes can jump very high and create stacks. Wild Ninja Slimes can also plan highly organized attacks on corrals to free other Ninja Slimes.


Ninja Plorts can be ingested to provide temporary night vision and extreme athletic abilities. Ninja Plorts are used by explorers and soldiers but are illegal to be taken by an athlete or sports player. Plus you can run into walls without it hurting!


The Ninja Slime is a black slime with a red bandana.


  • Original picture was Super Slime (By ZentoZekto, adopted by Ultadoer)
  • The pink version in the gallery was ZentoZekto's Super Slime
  • This slime was accidentally put up for adoption when Ultadoer went on a long hiatus. After a brief conversation with the new adopter Ultadoer was given the page again.


Ninja Slime

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