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Basic info

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a rare and timid slime that will attack if angered. they are very quick and can escape easily. usually being lonely, they only smile if fed a billo berry. they will only spawn if the cloud level is over 5

Rancher Risks

if they are captured, or see any slimes captured, they will go into anger mode. they turn dark purple and shoot lightning at you! when angry, they are known as 'Cirrus slimes'


nimbus plorts can be used for medicines or soft pillow stuffing. the plorts that are produced in anger mode are dark purple and give off an enormous amount of electricity. these are called Cirrus plorts, and are used for powering reactors and rockets. these cost almost 3 times as much as a normal nimbus plort


Fruit. Billo berries and Heart beets


Billo berries


  • if sad or hungry, they rain
  • when startled, they temporarily form into a jelly mist
  • their lightning bolts can be captured and used as lanterns!
  • if you grind up a lightning plort, you will explode.
  • if you breed one with a phosphor, it will make an ANGEL SLIME that you can keep!


  • if you find one of these, to keep it from getting angry, capture it as fast as you can.
  • you will need an air net and a maxed out height on your corral
  • to calm these, you need to have Billo berries on hand.
  • lightning bolts can shoot through corral walls


a gelatonous cloud, usually milky and translucent. very speedy, and when startled pops into a jelly mist. when angered, they turn a deep purple, and their eyes are yellow. they shoot out light blue lightning bolts.


their plorts are usually light blue, and look like they are a normal plort resting on a cloud.

if they have a plort when they are angered, the plort is nearly 100 more than a normal plort, and are a entrancing purple resting on a gray cloud.

Lightning jars

a new item, very hard to collect. basically, when they are angered they will shoot out lightning. you need to capture this lightning by vaccuming it without collecting the storm cloud. you then get 'captured lightning' or 'lightning in a jar'. these can be placed outside a nimbus corral to calm them down.