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'Sleep Tight ;3'
The Nightmare Slime is a slime that only comes out rarely at night, or at the Moonlight Cove. It feasts on the nightmares of slimes around it, making them panic and be aggressive.

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The Nightmare Slime is known to appear at night, and feast on other slime's nightmares, producing plorts from it. Slime's around them become highly aggressive, attacking the rancher. The slime itself stays hidden in the shadows, and flees from the rancher, only it's glowing facial features showing.

Rancher Risks

Although the slime doesn't directly attack, it turns other slimes against you, making it very dangerous.


The slime's plorts are a very strong narcotic, though they are known to cause night terrors as well.


A pitch black slime, with a spiky black-fire like top and a long tail. It's face has the features of a tarr's, but it glows white.


  • Keep them near a mostly harmless slime, to cut down on the risk of attack.
  • Use a solar shield to stop them vanishing in the day.