Since some updates are not up- to date on this wiki, i decided to add the missing news on the wiki

Version 0.5.0 "Ancient Ruins Update"

March 6, 2017


  • The Ancient Ruins is a new zone located between the Moss Blanket and Indigo Quarry. It contains a new slime, resource, and other secrets to discover. This zone will also serve as the key to accessing the Glass Desert in a future update. The Ancient Ruins is very different form other zones in Slime Rancher and ranchers can easily get lost within its twisting passages if they're not careful. Travel safely!
  • The quantum slime is native to the ancient ruins and can emit other possible realities of itself, merging with one of those realities when agitated. Ranchers will need to keep a close eye on these slimes on the ranch, and make sure that eye is actually on the real quantum slime!
  • Phase lemon trees are another strange product of the Ancient Ruins: a fruit tree that echoes across multiple realities, only half present in any one at a time. Though quantum slimes love its fruit, it will need some sort of binding agent in order to harvest those enigmatic lemons into our reality.
  • Echoes are a new collectable item found tucked away in the Ancient Ruins. These little motes of light are often used by ranchers as decorations, though their origins remain a mystery. Echoes can be found daily in the many corners or the Ancient Ruins, or extracted with resource extractors.
  • New achievements have been added
  • 6 new deco gadgets have been added featuring beautiful art from the Ancient Ruins.
  • 12 new treasure pods have been added: get hunting!
  • Renamed Slime Quality to Model Quality and Water Quality to Shader Quality to better reflect those settings' usage in the game.
  • Slime agitation now reduced more by eating, especially eating favorite foods.
  • Hunter largos that get sufficiently agitated will revert to their feral form. Watch out!
  • Adjusted prices of Hunter and Crystal Plorts to be a little more valuable, matching those of quantum plorts. These three slimes now represent the 'fourth tier' of slime difficulty.
  • Improved some CPU efficiency items.
  • Improved efficiency of grass mesh. That's right, here at Monomi Park even our grass is efficient.
  • Updated version of Input library, which is related to gamepad inner workings.
  • Puddle plorts are not longer requested or rewarded in the Range Exchange.
  • Fixed bug where music could sometimes be stuck playing for an area you had just entered and then left.
  • Fixed bug where starting to vac fruits and veggies but stopping while they were still vibrating would still cause them to come loose.
  • Fixed bugs relating to vac-ing veggies out of the ground.
  • Fixed bug where it was sometimes possible to vac items through a wall.
  • Fixed bug where Tarrs placed on Slime Stage could quickly escape. Maybe it wasn't a bug though and deep down, tarrs are just really shy.
  • Fixed bug where Honey slimes and plorts were not properly included in Range Exchange.
  • Fixed bug with appearance of slime mouths being off-col

Version 0.5.0b

March 7, 2017

  • Fixed bug where quantum plort was not shown on the Refinery screen.
  • Fixed bug where quantum slimes could escape the grotto to above the ceiling.
  • Fixed bug where quantum slimes would intentionally escape directly to the Slime Sea. It is unclear if one day they would return as hardened, salt-crusted pirates, but we just weren't going to take that chance.
  • Fixed bug where pink quantum largos would eat quantum plorts but not boom plorts.
  • Fixed bug where quantum crystal largo would appear pink while rolling.
  • Fixed bug where quantum largos were not transparent went held on the vac.
  • Fixed bug where water was not going in through corral walls.
  • Fixed bug where fashion pods were not going in through corral walls.
  • Fixed bug where echoes were showing as 'Echoes' when targeted instead of the specified type (e.g. 'Red Echo')

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