"small as a slime but as heavy as a star"

-Slimepedia The Neutron Starslime is a rare slime that appears in the outer galaxy.

Slimepedia Entry


This slime doesn't seem to eat. It absorbs energy from the space around it.




These slimes rarely appear instead of an AntimaTARR when a Starslime largo eats a plort unlike its own. The Starslime will explode in a supernova and become this slime or a Black Hole Slime. These slimes are very dense and are too heavy to be vacced. Some of these slimes are classified as pulsar slimes due to the fact they radiate lots of gamma and X rays. But when this slime eats a plort unlike its own, A magneTARR is created. These tarrs act like antimaTARRS but are purple and attract slimes, ranchers, and food.

Rancher risks

These slimes are quite dangerous. They deal damage to you when touched. They also cannot be vacced. Some have spinning beams around them that deal damage. And they become Magnetarrs instead of AntimaTARRS.


These slimes plorts are cut into incredibly small pieces that still weigh several tons and are used as weights. They are also used as decoration due to their colorful glow.

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