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The mouse slime is a slime that came in to mind for UlyssesK402 when making a reply to a comment reminding said person about the EDIT button on comments. It was made because somehow, Ulysses wanted to be Sans (but wait, is he Toriel from that test? BUT HE'S MALE!) and make the "mouse" in there into a pun. It was on a page that Ulysses is truly not sure if it is safe to use seeing as the Alt Infobox/Free Use template is not used, but probably was referenced by this text you are reading anyways...


Diet: Fruit

Favorite: Anything with Cheese in it (I need an idea for something cheesy)


Mouse slimes are the smallest slimes you may find on the ranch so far, unless of course an Ant Slime shows up or something. Mouse slimes spend a day eating while trying to hide in their Mouse Holes from both Ranchers and Tabby Slimes. They are pretty darn cute, but if a rancher or cat is on sight then they have to RRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUUUU... (two hours later) ...UUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! Hey, at least they don't bounce off of the Vacpac.

Rancher Risks

As stated above, they will run if they see a rancher/tabby slime. They basically don't wanna be vac'd, and tabbies will eat them.

Madness also happens in the case of when a Mouse eats a Tabby poop, or a Tabby eats a Mouse poop. What happens is that the Slime begins to eat AND run away from itself as the Tabby effects and Mouse effects are still happening to each other, causing more weird stuff that makes not much sense. When they fully eat them self, they die and a Plort replaces them, which may not be mad, but OH MY GOSH! Tabbies both chase it AND ignore it while Mice run away AND ignore it AT THE EXACT SAME TIME, which does not make any sense! See? THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN TELLING YOU ABOUT COMBINING SLIMES!

They also can be eaten by Birds that aren't those stubby, clucking things that you feed your carnivores.


Their plorts leave off a smell that attracts other mice, including their disturbing lil' cousins on Earth, making them useful for Mouse Traps. They only sniff the plort though rather than eat it... I dunno why.


A re-skin of the Tabby slime with mouse ears, a Protruding mouse nose, and a long thin tail.


  • As stated in Rancher Risks, don't combine them with cats unless you wanna laugh.
  • You can use their plorts as bait to attract mouse slimes
  • They will stop eating themselves if another plort goes into them, but they will still be horrible because they will be tarr, duhh.
    • Curing them also does zero good, as they just turn into that abomination that eats itself.
  • Ulysses wants to give them a favorite toy, but does not know what. Please post your best ideas in the comments. This bullet is only a placeholder and will be removed when a favorite toy is added by the page creator.


  • Tabbies can actually eat them.
  • When they eat themselves when merged with a Tabby Slime, you can see missing chunks of the Slime the further it gets into itself.
  • Slimes that are predator to this slime do not turn into largos when eating the slime.
  • Bird Slimes don't have interest in Mouse Plorts and Mice don't have interest in Bird Plorts.
  • Similar to the Bird Slime, they make the sounds of a Mouse rather than the regular sound of a slime.
  • They are about 1/3 the size of a normal slime.


Mouse Slime

Slimegirl's remake. Might be a remodeled In-game Tabby.