The green thumbs of slimedom.

Moss Slimes are the gardeners of the Far Far Range keeping areas clean of decaying plant matter and soils balanced with nutrients.

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Slime Toy

Plushie Mushroom
Moss Slimes like the comfort a Plushie Mushroom gives.


Moss slimes are a semi rare species of slime that live in lush areas. They don't typically eat anything but will dispose of old fruit and vegetables. They absorb nutrients and old organic matter through the soil.

Rancher Risks

Moss Slimes are about the easiest slimes to manage, they just require either a Garden or a lush area to lay in and they will produce plorts.

Like puddle slimes they are quite shy and will not produce plorts if they are in close proximity to more than three other slimes.


Moss Plorts are used in many applications ranging from food supplements to compost due to the large amount of nutrients in them. One could live off Moss Plorts solely and in fact some people eat them exclusively as a diet with their high nutrients and relatively low carbs, fats and proteins.


A green goopy like slime.


  • Like puddle slimes a toy will increase the number you can have near each other and still produce plorts.
  • Gardens with upgrades will allow Moss Slimes on them to produce plorts faster.
  • The Overgrowth counts as a lush area and Moss Slimes can free-range there with little issue just keep in mind not to overcrowd them. You can also free-range them with other slimes as their plorts can't be eaten by other slimes.
  • They produce a plort every 8 in game hours which is reduced down to 6 hours on a max upgraded Garden. Also eating decayed fruit and veggies will reduce the time to the next plort by 3 hours, they can only eat one per plort production however.