"'It's just a fruit, come on I'll even touch it, see? OW! Nevermind its a mosquito."

The Mosquito Durian is a spiny fruit that looks like a large mosquito to deter slimes from eating it, it doesn't work though; Amber Slimes love the stuff.

Ranching Tips

Mosquito Durians grow on the pistil of certain orchids in the Maple Grove, and rarely the Moss Blanket.

Slimepedia Entry



Favored By

Amber Slime

On the Ranch

Deposit a Mosquito Durian into a garden's depositor and you'll grow a patch of Mosquito Durian orchids of your very own. The flowers will last for several harvests.

The deceiving Mosquito Durian both looks and smells like a large dead mosquito, but it is one of the tastiest fruits known to slimes. Often said to taste like a sugary, room-temperature banana ice cream. Most frugivorous slimes love the stuff, but humans will either strongly love it or strongly hate it when it hits the tip of their tongue, and it is hard to come from hating to loving it.


Google "Wasp Tongue Orchid" and the one that looks like a purple-black wasp is it.