Moon Tarlossus
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Moon Tarrlossus
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"Oh, great, this again!"

The Moon Tarrloussus is the regular Tarrloussus's cousin who lives on the moon. See Tarrlossus for some more details, for this looks the same. Its head and tentacles poke out of craters and can move independently. It has 250 health total.

When you appear on the Moon Moon, you're in a little area by a giant crater with smaller craters around the place. Then, tentacles start to roar out of their holes, and finally the Moon Tarrloussus's head comes from the big crater.

When it uses Harvest Moon or Half Moon, you have to Vac up the Moon Slime's and hit the head for 25 damage, or a tentacle for 10 damage.


Attacks are displayed through colors on the surface.

New Moon

Reduces Ranchers Energy. Surface is black.

Harvest Moon

Summons Hostile Moon Slime's. Surface is Wheat-brown.

Blood Moon

Summons an Anti-matarr. Surface is Red.

Blue Moon

Until attacked, it will self-heal. Surface is Blue.

Full Moon

If not attacked for 5 seconds, it will unleash a powerful attack which deals a quarter of the rancher's current health. Surface is brighter than normal.

Crescent Moon

It tries to grab at you with tentacles to attack. Surface is normal.

Half Moon

The Moon Tarrlossus spits out Hostile Moon Slimes. Surface is normal.


The tentacles go underground and the head expands until the point where it explodes, exploding the moon itself making you land on Planet Planet. The Moon Moon explodes into a lot of moon slimes and about 5-7 moon plorts. Good for ranching moon slime's. You also get the "Voidkey" to use on Ruin Island to reach the Void of Wisdom.


  • It is unknown when the Moon Tarrlossus came, for it is said Moon Slimes made up the Moon Moon.
  • Squidy822's first boss!


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