"'Wise words of wisdom; BOCK!!!"

The Monk Hen is a Hen Hen variant that is found only in the Slime Monastery. The Monk Hen is favored by the Friar Slime.

Ranching Tips

Monk Hens can be found walking the corridors of the ancient Slime Monastery. It is recorded in an ancient plaque that Monk Hens are the result of an insane friar teaching Hen Hens religion.

Slimepedia Entry



Favored By

Friar Slime

On the Ranch

Monk Hens breed like any other Hen Hen variant, with the aid of a Roostro in a coop on the ranch.

The Monk Hens are the smartest Hen Hen variant ever discovered, unfortunately this brings an immense peace of mind; they'll come to accept their untimely demise and as such do their own thing in a Tarr Outbreak.


Monk Hens look like Hen Hens in red chicken-sized robes with half-closed eyes.


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