"Invainding your coffee cups since 1958"
The Mimic Slime only appears on Space Station S. L. IME, after being released from the Psycotronics area.

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Mimic Hen


The Mimic Slime is alien to the Far, Far Range, from another dimension even! They have a strange ability to mimic everyday objects, even as normal as a plort, or a Pogofruit! Then when the prey gets close (includin YOU) they pop out and feast upon their meal. These slimes also CAN be killed if hit with another Mimic Slime, causing the two to be swallowed by the speed, sending them back to the dimension they came from.

Rancher Risks

These Slimes don't pop out of the ground! You have to search around the space station, sucking up random objects. Some of them will be Mimic Slimes in disguise, and you can only suck them up if they aren't using Mimic Matter! These slimes will try to bite you, and don't shoot one at another into the coral! They will be fine to touch each other, but the speed makes them disappear.


The plorts, although having a small starting price, can fluctuate a lot more that other plorts, going up to being worth 500 nwebucks! The plorts also are used to craft Neromods, which increases a Rancher's Speed, Jump, Energy, Health, and give a cool new ability, Mimic Mat

ter. Self explanitory, if you press X while having the cursor on a object, you will transform into that! Doing so will drain your energy, decreasing at 1 point every second. Change back by pressing X again.


A black slime with white eyes, sometimes with one or more tenticals reaching out to steal their prey. They also can blend in by "mimicing" objects.


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  • Its PREY

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