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Hieroglyph Slime
"Disguises like a crate. Bites like a Tarr. What's so funny? Wait, why is it a human... is it trying to befriend me?!?!"

The Mimic Slime is a slime which are in a the Slime Castle, on floor 2.


Diet: Ranchers & Slimes

Favorite: Anything that can Destroy a Gold Tarr or a Killer Slime


Mimic Slimes, or well known as "mimics of the slimel", are slimes which are silent but deadly. With out less warning, a rancher might pick up a Crate and Break it. But no. See Rancher Risks for more details.

Rancher Risks

Whatever you do, use the radar! Crate Slimes go in disguise form, waiting for a rancher to vac him up! While in Attack Form, he'll chomp rapidly!


These plorts are just wood... and makes people go poor because of how sharp it is.


A crate


o_o  cant think of any