"Quick, put away all the silver!"
Mercury Slime is a slime that can rarely spawn in the Indigo Quarry, also with a slim chance of spawning after a Rad Largo eats a Silver Parsnip.

Slimepedia Entry






Mercury Slimes are usually called "the cousins of Tarrs", due to their resemblance in appearance. But, unlike their amalgamated cousins, they do not mean any harm, and can only be hurtful to those who are not careful enough. Mercury Slimes love playing tricks on other slimes and ranchers by imitating Tarrs or spilling all over the place, pretending to be molten completely. They also often steal food and slime toys from other slimes. They can also "carry" plorts inside of them to hide in a good spot where they can't be seen by other slimes, and eat the plorts. But unfortunately, this often leads to...unsatisfactory results.

Rancher Risks

Mercury Slimes are highly toxic and have an aura with a small radius around them, indicating that if you come too close to it, its gases will start harming you bit by bit, while physical contact with it will induce a decent amount of damage to your health. Also, unlike Rad Slimes, their aura won't disappear when water is used on them, since the water will just "float" on it, making it impossible to get rid of. And, if Mercury Slimes aren't fed in time, they'll eventually melt away, leaving a toxic pile of quicksilver on the place of its "death". Also, when keeping these slimes in corrals, it is recommended to have "Deep-In Defense" Upgrade, so they won't spill out of the corrals and escape. Their plorts, along with their favorite food are also toxic, and being very close to them for a long amount of time will harm you. And finally, never EVER let Mercury Slimes eat other slimes' plorts, as they'll become Tarrs, despite the fact that they're singular slimes.


Mercury plorts are widely used for thermometers, barometers, manometers, other kinds of -meters, switches and lamps in the Far, Far Range, even though their toxicity makes their using dangerous.


Mercury Slimes are silvery, viscous creatures. They have white eyes and white mouths with what is told to be molten silver dripping out of their mouths. Their "angry" look is caused by their constant melting, which leads to partially closing their eyes, making them look aggressive.


  • It's better for Mercury Slimes to be kept away from other slimes, so they won't spill out and come to "visit" other slimes.
    • It's recommended to have "Deep-In Defense" upgrade to keep them from spilling out of their corrals.
  • Mercury Slimes can't jump unlike other slimes, so the "High Walls" upgrade isn't a necessity.
    • But if you want to keep many of them in one corral, it is recommended to have this upgrade, since they'll start to stack once the bottom of the corral is filled.
  • If you want to have Mercury Largos, then do NOT feed Mercury Slimes plorts of other slimes. Instead, feed other slimes Mercury Plorts. It won't turn them into Tarrs, and will make you a nice looking largo!


  • Mercury Slimes' trickery and "kleptomania" is based off Mercury, a Roman god of Trickery and Thieves.
  • Mercury Slimes' resistance to water is connected to the fact that actual mercury can't mix with water, since it's denser than water itself.
  • Mercury Slimes' favorite food, Cinnaberry, is based off cinnabar, a common red form of mercury sulfide, which is the most common ore for refining elemental mercury(which is Mercury Slime based off.)
  • The quote "Quick, put away all the silver!" in Mercury Slime's Slimepedia page entry is a pun to mercury's alternate name, "quicksilver", and the fact that mercury will dissolve metals such as silver to form amalgams.