"The only reason Tarrlossus and other evil slimes wet their sludge."
The Charcharodon Slime or Megalodon Slime is an extremely rare slime found in the Blue Hole in the Isolated Islands that eats all Tarr variants and meat.

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Any Tarr and meat



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Rubber Ducky


Megalodon Slimes are prehistoric slimes that live in the Isolated Islands, eating Tarr and meat among the archipelago that fall or swim too close to this

super predator. When hungry, this thing becomes dangerous and aggressive, but pop a few large fish into this slime and you get a sweet hearted goldfish.

Rancher risks

this slime has unique powerful attacks that can really give a rancher a very bad time but can be pacified with 35 pieces of food


  • Rush - a very fast attack that ends with Crunch
  • Crunch - a powerful bite, 50 damage, prevents regen
  • Repel - deflects (25%)food items, (100%)projectiles, (100%)slimes, (100%)plorts and (75%)attacks with a quick swipe of the tail
  • Attack slimes - summons 8 attack slimes that eat tarr, meat and chase you and can be pacified with two pieces of food, one bite deals 25 damage
  • Quaking - bursts high pressure water geysers from the battlefield (30 damage per hit) and makes it's speed and the Attack slimes speed boosted, as well as shaking the screen and lowering your speed and stamina by half for 30 seconds


The legendary plort of the Megalodon Slime is as rare as the slime itself because it only gives it's plorts when dining on it's fave food of Giant and rare Tarr, and it's plort is about the size of the average Largo slime.


This Slime is a gigantic white shark-like slime


  • When a Tarr of any kind attacks, Megalodon Slime will eat or fight it
  • Megalodon Slime can be summoned with a strange fossil, an item only obtainable about 15% of the time from a drill
  • The Megalodon Slime can be also be used to fight other slimes of destruction such as Dr. Raddie and the Apocalypse Slime with an 80% sucession, otherwise it will retreat submissively into the Blue Hole and sleep for a day
  • During the battle the "Dance of Dennis"(not mine, search it belongs to keno9988iii) will play and most of the attack sounds will be drowned out, instead mostly covered by the music


Megalodon Slime by MIxieRoast