'Oh dear Plortmann, we adore you..'

-Slimepedia Entry

Mechanized Mode is unlocked by entering a certain code while 1 pink slime is in your Vacpac. The code is 'K 1 R 8 Y'.

This mode is a side-scrolling third-person platformer.

The Slime Rancher world is in danger! An alien force is turning the land into metal! Only one hope remains, a lonely Companion Slime with a Vacpac, a big personality and an appetite to match!

Area 1 - Robo Ref

The Robo Reef is the Dry Reef, but metal and mechanized and all that. Robo-Pink Slimes are common here and give no ability. You can squeeze through pipes, and eat you foes! Well, kind-of. Let's say, if you encounter a Robo Rock slime, and you sucked it up and you ejected it. If you eject it while pressing Shift, you will get the Rock ability. Four levels are in Robo Reef, and one boss for the fifth.

Gear up, little Pink Slime! The Ranchbot armor is introduced in level 2! Defeat a Mech Invader to get it!

Copy abilities with it to gain super-powered abilities with extra power!

The boss of Robo Reef is ClickClack, a mechanized pogo-fruit tree. Defeating ClickClack will give you the achievement 'Don't be a tree hugger, be a tree MUGGER!'

Area 2 - Bronze Blanket

The Bronze Blanket is the Moss Blanket, but, y'know, robots. Robo-Honey (poison) and Robo-Boom (bomb) are introduced here. It consists of four levels, and one more for the boss.

The boss here is the A.B.D.T, the Ancient Battling Diamond Thing. It spawns four holographic bosses, one for each diamond. The first holo-boss is the Holo-Phosphor Queen. The second holo-boss is The Rock Boss. The Third holo-boss is Holo-Queen Buzzy. The fourth holo-boss is Holo-Lime.

Defeating A.B.T.D will grant the acheivement 'Wait, holograms?'

Area 3 - Technical Turf

The Technichal Turf is The Traveller's Turf, but mechanized. The Robo-Rad (spark) and Robo-Fire (fire) slimes are introduced. It consists of four levels, and one for the boss.

The boss here is Mecha Rad, a 'possesed' or 'mechanized' version of Dr. Raddie. Under the control of the mysterious enemy, she uses a ton on new attacks like a Plasma-radioactive sword and MISSILES FROM HER BELLY! She's wearing a mask and her flower is replaced with a decorative assortment of metal plates arranged in a shape of a flower.

Defeating Mecha Rad with grant the achievement 'I beat up my friend?'