Mar Mar Is A Planet That Has Ailen Slimes U.F.O Slimes Astronaut Slimes And Cosmic Slimes.

Mar Mar Has Strange Gravity & Solar Anomalys Similar To The Glass Desert.

Mar Mar Has Strange Plants Like Triberries Burning Carrots Sweet Pomatoes. & Meat Like Mar Moos Oinkies Bullgeres And Sleep Sheeps.

Chickadooplaceholder1This page is a work in progress!


A Big Red Orangish Rocky Ball With 3 Moons (The Moons Are Only Visible On Mar Mar At Night)


Space Tarr

Martian Tarr

Mar Mar Tarr

Asteroid Tarr


Just Buy A 358,987 7Zee Brand Spaceship To Go On Mar Mar (To Beable To Acctuly Unlock The Rest Of Mar Mar you need 20 newbucks)

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