A squishy magnet.


Magnet slime

Magnet slimes are slimes with a Magnetic field.



Diet: Fruits

Favorite: Pogofruit

Slimeology: Magnet slimes are Slimes that posses a magnetic field. Because of this, Any metal that comes near them sticks to them.(Sometimes, Plorts stick to them too) They are also very active at nighttime Because thay are nocturnal and they like the darkness. They also like to hop around and play. (Because of this, High walls and an airnet is recommended for ranching these slimes)

Rancher risks

There is little to fear about this slime. They're friendly, happy and squishy. But they also have a risk.

Because they have a powerful magnetic field, The Player may be slowed down when approached by a Magnet slime.

Also, If they are very hungry, They will try to escape/Break out of their corral. So Feed these slimes!


Magnet slime plorts ( A.K.A. Magneplorts) are mainly used to make metal detectors, machinery and other mechanical stuff.

Their Plorts also makes a good compass.


Magnet slimes are half red and half black. They also have blue rays going on random directions coming out of them.

These blue rays represent their Magnetic field.


Magnet slime

That is a magnet slime.


This slime and the drawing was made without a mouse

This slime was created with Mattcyn's Help!

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