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"Sample text"

MLG Slime
Placeholder slime
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Bruh everything


ur momma OH OH OHHHHHH


your tears

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Free to use bruh

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MLG Slimes are real real rare slimes that once popping close to you they will rekt u noob if u dont act fast enough to not be no-scoped. They smonk weed and HAT HAT sample text, and will rekt u with doge heads if u too close bcuz u dont obey it. On xtreme measures, they can noscope 360 Tarrs turning them into ogre if they here

Rancher Risks

If the rancher is a nub they better be caughtious with the sounds of airhorns around their ranchs bcuz this is a sing OF THE MLG SLIME COMING TO NOSCOPE UUUU


We poop spooky poop 360% out of noob tears 360% out of rekt


we illominati smokin weed wif obey hat n sunglass


  • We MLG Slimes hav rlly specific ways of spawning: frist when its 3:60 AM u hav to drop 40 doritos and 40 mountain dews on the grund they will mek a XBOX controller on the grund and THEM AIRHORNS WILL BE PLAYED AND A MLG SLIME WILL SPAWN ANGRU AT U
  • If the contrulrl is maed NOT EXCLTY on 3:60 then MLG Slim wont spawn...
  • we fast butt we show where we atak by showing smol gun target thingus
  • dorirots and mountain dew can be traded bai a noscoper calld xX_OBEYusaLL_Xx on the ranch exanger
  • pls no suspect of xX_OBEYusaLL_Xx he not 2 MLG smiles in a trechcoat
  • our poop is valble butt it price goes down ovrtiem...sad...


  • This is a joke.

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