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Lycan Slimes are a nocturnal slime found uncommonly in the Howling Tundra. Their favorite food is the Frost Oink.

Info in the Slimepedia

Diet = Meat

Favorite = Frost Oink


The Lycan Slime is a nocturnal slime that retreats to caves or dens during the daylight hours. Lycan Slimes are surprisingly not a member of the feline slime group and have no relation to Tabby, Hunter, or Frigid Slimes.

Rancher Risks

Lycan Slimes get hungrier much quicker than normal slimes and will get angry when hungry. Lycan Slimes can bite, dealing moderate to severe damage. Lycan Slimes will not eat and will get unhappy if left out in a sunlit corral. They require either the Grotto or the Solar Shield upgrade.


Lycan Slime Plorts are very furry and as such the hairs can be extracted and used for fur coats. Nitrogen-rich Lycan Plort hair also makes an excellent fertilizer.


The Lycan Slime looks like a Tabby Slime with more perky ears and a Hunter Slime tail. Lycan Slimes also do not have a Tabby Slime's or Hunter Slime's stripes and the body, ears and tail are a solid dark grey in color. Lycan Slimes have maroon eyes and a slightly fanged mouth.


  • Lycan Slimes are renowned jerks.